Predictive Analytics!

Applying high performing mining and machine learning techniques to predict optimal business outcomes.


Business Analytics!

Understanding and analyzing your business to derive optimal actionable solutions.


Data Management!

Providing customized data storage solutions.



Sharing our expertise, knowledge and creativity to optimize your Business Development Process and find Customized Sized Solutions to your challenges.



Updating the skills of your employees by providing them on-site as well as off-site trainings with the latest technologies.

SMART Data Analytics is a leading Data Science company that offers innovative Data Analytics solutions in the areas of Predictive Analysis, Fraud protection and detection, Risk Management and Manufacturing Analytics 4.0 (i.e. Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and Anomaly Detection, Production Optimization, Root Cause Analysis).

Our solutions are driven by proprietary machine learning algorithms, developed by our international interdisciplinary team of PhD-level data scientists. The team boasts of over 10 years of professional experience in different sectors e.g. Finance, IT & Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and FinTech, across Europe and the United States.

What We Do and What We Deliver

SMART Data Analytics assists customers in adopting data-driven decision-making; decisions that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics. We also provide business intelligence systems in order to implement automatized Reporting & KPI to support decision makers.


SMART Data Analytics develops self-learning tools that target fraudulent transactions or risky credit applicants, hence assist in decision making related to accept-reject transactions.

Strategy is the key driver in digital transformation! SMART Data Analytics offers Strategic Consulting to support you in your digital transformation journey. Our extensive business experience with different technologies in different sectors, coupled with our tenacity in understanding how digital technologies can impact your business provide an invaluable resource (regarding Software, Architectures, Resources estimation, and related topics) that equips you with insights and innovative actionable solutions that will scale up your business. We in effect support you in defining what success in your business could look like.

SMART Data Analytics supports the customer -even those that are at the beginning of their journey- in setting up a Data Science infrastructure from the ground up. We assist you in smoothly transitioning into a data driven decision making enterprise, and skillfully support you implementing change management.

Think Big, Think Smart!